How to engage Synapse Connections LLC

We adjust our working relationship to meet your needs.

Once you decide to engage Synapse Connections to help you, we must negotiate a mutually acceptable basis for the work. We are available for projects of any scale, from a brief consultation to extended involvement in your project.

Here are examples of possible engagements. Please contact us with your particular requirements.

There are many steps to a successful project.

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Initial Consultation. We would be happy to undertake a complimentary consultation session to learn more about your situation. An initial consultation usually lasts for one to two hours and takes place by phone. There is no fee for this consultation unless it involves out-of-pocket travel expenses. As an outcome of the consultation you will receive a letter summarizing our discussion and suggesting options for moving forward.

Time-and-materials Consulting Services. In the initial stages of work, or if the work involves interaction with others, it may be difficult to define bounded tasks, deliverables and schedules. In this case, we can proceed on a time-and-materials basis. You will receive work product on an agreed schedule as well as progress reports at intervals you specify. This working arrangement is best for situations that are likely to require periodic changes of direction as the work proceeds.

Statement-of-Work. Once your project has established a direction and scope, we may be able to define discrete units of work product. In this case, we will work with you to specify a Statement of Work for each unit of work and agree on a schedule and a fixed fee for that work. Working on this basis will generally provide the most economical fee structure, but it requires a stable definition of the work to be done. Otherwise, the change order process can become unwieldy for both Synapse Connections and our client.

Subcontracting. If you already have working relationships with other vendors and have decided that your project requires specialized assistance from Synapse Connections LLC, we can work as a subcontractor under one of your existing vendors. Such an arrangement is often convenient because it avoids the overhead and delay of registering Synapse Connections as an approved vendor with your purchasing department.

Contracts. In most cases, we will require a written contract before work begins. We will consider contract language proposed by your legal counsel or we can propose draft language. Although the contract need not be a lengthy document, we will require certain topics to be addressed to our satisfaction (see sidebar).

Typical contract provisions:

  • Work to be accomplished
  • Work product to be supplied
  • Prerequisites to be supplied by the client (information, equipment, licenses, etc.)
  • Client acceptance criteria and process
  • Schedule for work, work product, prerequisites, and acceptance
  • Fees, progress milestones and payment terms
  • Ownership of intellectual property generated by the work
  • Confidentiality agreement or agreement that none is needed